Sunday, December 18, 2005

Last nights CR X-mas Party! (17th Dec 2005)

Oh my god I can't believe it you all look great on a clubrascal dance floor!

Wow well what can I say, i'll start by saying i'm typing this at 6:36 sundaymorning and just had to write this before going to sleep. (i'm still buzzing!!)

A big BIG thank you to everyone who was at rascal tonight, it was truly amazing!
And it was so cool to see so many of you in Red n black, your all great!
It really meant a lot to me to see that.
There was a guy (red shirt,black jacket,black tie, asked for Pulp) and girl (red dress, black arms/legings, pig tails asked for the Smiths) who were in red and black and reminded me of the white stripes you both had very cool outfits andyou left just before the end when I handed out the secret gifts, if your at Rascal next time please come see me and i'll have something for you! (also i'll play the Smiths for you as well:)

Thanks to my DJ co stars Becks, Tom and Elze you all did a grand job.Thanks to Marije for everything you did helping out your a true star.

Also a big thank you to the girl (sorry I did not get your name) who brought me a birthday present (a funky disco lava lamp). Very kind of you :) please e-mail me so I can thank you personally.

What else is left to say apart from Rascal is here and it's here to stay, next year with your help it will be even better.
I hope you all have a very merry x-mas and and a great new year, and I look forward to seeing you all next time for more indie rock n roll action.

Oh and keep wearing that red and black it suits you all ;)

ThanksJames (DJ Dash)

P.s. For those that got mix tapes hope u like them :) Track listing below.If you did not there will be a new mix tape (on CD) next time.
Rascal Dates for your diary -
Wedensday 4th January @ the Winston (with live music as well)
Saturday 21st January @ club 8
Saturday 18th February @ club 8
Clubrascal mix tape 1Track listing-
Dogs,The subways,Dead 60's,Editors ,Battle, Arctic Monkeys, Hard Fi,Goldfrapp,Ladytron,Franz ferinand,ClorMaxio ,ParkNine black alps,The Rakes,
The Cribs,Baby Shambles, Bloc Party,The Others


Santina said...

Hey James and other indie kids!!

last night was FANTASTIC, definately my favourite indie disco yet and i've been coming since the beginning!

cant wait for the next one! i hope they will allow us to use the elevator next time though because i seem to fall down the stairs at club 8 every single time. the way up is always okay but the drunk way down is a bit of a problem...

rock and roll,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was absolutely fabulous! I had a really great time! Thanks James!