Monday, December 12, 2005

Club Rascal X-mas party this Saturday!

Heads up Rascals the 17th is almost upon us, and oh am I excited!
its been a great year for 'our' music, with bands such as Bloc party, kasier chiefs, Franz Ferinand, Arctic monkeys, hard fi, Editors, Arcade fire, Maxio park,the Rakes oh the list goes on and on of great music that has been released this year, all becoming the sound track to our lives.
Plus hopefully 'Club Rascal' providing a place to hear all this great music together and to lose you're self on the dance floor to your favorite tunes.

Don't forget there will be Rascal Mix tapes being handed out and if your wearing Red 'N' Black you might get one of the 3 secret X-mas gifts at the end of the night!

Also print out the Flyer below and get in free before 10 or for just 4 euros any time after.

Any way enough of me banging on let's let the music do the talking this coming Saturday night.
See you there, merry x-mas to you all and thank you for you're continued support of Rascal, and next year will be bigger and better that's for sure.

Thank you :)

James (DJ Dash)

P.s. Did I mention it's also my birthday on Saturday as well, even more reason to have a party Waahooo!

See you all there :)


Mr.T said...

Hi Rascals!

A good way to prepare for Saturday's Rascal celebration, go to and listen to 40 great indie songs!

See you all Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Hi DJ Rascal,
The X-mas party sounds great :0)
I'm in Berlin this WE ... so have fun and happy birthday !!
executive woman (