Tuesday, November 15, 2005


What are you listening to? What should others be checking out!

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James (DJ Dash) said...

So has any one heard the new Babyshambles album? what do you think of it?

santina said...

its quite horrible isnt it? i heard it in the background in a record store and at one point ithought it had finished and someone had decided to put on some kind of reggae record, then they told me it was in fact still babyshambles.

its badddd.... i hope to never hear them at club rascal.

just so you know! haha

James (DJ Dash) said...

Haha, well i do play Killamangiro already at Rascal.
I Reckon half the Album is great the other is a bit hit and miss, and the whole reggae thing i don't dig to much either.

DJ Dash

ilana said...

The it's!!

www.theits.com or www.myspace.com/theits

They are F*cking amazing!