Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Been to a gig or looking forward to a upcoming gig, chat about it here.

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Sharon said...

Hi Kids,

I was wondering if anyone knows of any good/great/"The Mother of all parties!!" New Years Eve parties planned for Amsterdam? What about you Dash, are you planning a night for it?

I am currently stressed with final year exams and want to use this recreational break to dance my little heart out into the new year. Help me.....



vyvyan said...

Hi Sharon,

I'm actually desperate for some good 31st dec action too!!! No idea so far.....

James (DJ Dash) said...

Yeah there are quite a few people i've heard of looking for a New Years action as well, myself included.
I'd love to throw a Rascal that night but finding a venue at this point in the year could be very tricky. I know Club 8 already have that date booked as do many other places.
Any one got or know of a spare place we could hold a party?

James (DJ Dash)