Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This fire is out of control!

Hey Rascals,

So another Rascal comes and goes, and back thanks to everyone who turned up on Saturday (10th Sept) night and made it great fun.

It's good to see some more new faces, and see the Rascal word is slowly spreading.
Also a big hi to our Rascal regulars who continue to support CR and help make each club night such a great time with a cool vibe.

Any way, on to the next Club Rascal, it's the 15th October so a little time away but as ever it will roll around before you know it.
Above is the new flyer you can print out if need be to get you in free before 10pm or for 4euros afterwards.

Well thats it for now, until the next update keep being a Rascal and we will see you next time at CR.

James (DJ Dash)

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