Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Take Me Out (to the next club rascal)

Hey Rascals,

I've just surrived my 1st Lowlands, and wow what a festival it was! 3 days of dancing and going mad to some some of the best bands around, it does not get much better than that.

High lights had to be Franz, The Pixes, The Others, Queens of the Stone Age and the Mighty Foo Fighters who closed sunday night in spectacular fashion!

Also a BIG hi to all the Rascals i bumped into at the fest and a even bigger one to Regular Rascals Cath, Pete, Becks, Nadja and Co who let me camp with them and and basically have a riot of a time!! ROCK AND ROLL!

And so back to the real world and on to the next up and coming Club Rascal night. Below is the new flyer you can print out and use to get in for free before 10pm.
Once again we will be rocking untill 3am to all your fav indie/alterntive tunes old and new.

Also if there is any thing you would like to hear on the night, either post a coment or send a e-mail to clubrascal@hotmail.com and we will do our best to try and play it during the evening, or if you have any other coments on the night please let us know so we can apdapt and make it better :)

So untill the 10th of September, keep rocking and we will see you all on the dance floor!


James (DJ Dash)


onemilkplease said...

My friend told me your nights are hot. So I'm going to mention you on my log www.muhahafucker.blogspot.com, ok??

James (DJ Dash) said...

yeah that's fine, please mention away, tell everyone :)
And good to hear your friend thinks our club nights are hot.


DJ Dash