Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Upcoming Club Rascal Indie Disco action!

Hey Rascals,

Okay quick update for you all.

The 21st of Oct is the 3rd Saturday of the month so you know what that means...INDIE DISCO!
We will have Mix tape number 10 for you to have and to hold for free, plus a few give aways in the shape of a new album or two.
Plus all your favorite new and old indie tunes as always :)

Then on Thursday 26th we will be doing a guest DJ set at the Melkweg for the Poptrash 1st year birthday.

Then a brand new bit of info for you, the indie disco action continues on Saturday 28th in the shape of 'Rascalloween' Yep we are throwing a FREE indie halloween party!More details of that night will follow soon, plus there will be posters and flyers about it at the next Club Rascal. Just start making your outfit now!

Also we have a 10 spots on the guestlist up for grabs, so if you want on just send us your full name to clubrascal@hotmail.com and we will make it so if your one of the 1st 10.

Okay enough chatter, lets keep rocking and see you all on the 21st! Whoop Whoop!

James & Rebecca

p.s Thanks to all of you who came out to support us at the Club 8 'Kick Off Party' was great to see you there.

Thanks :)


Link to flyer, print it out and get in free before 10.30pm -

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