Monday, March 20, 2006

CR Action 18th March, Whoop Whoop!

Hey Rascals,

Wow what a night (15th March)So hands up if you had some fun! Because I know we did up on that stage spining those tunes and dancing just as hard as all of you was on that dance floor.

A big THANK YOU to all you indie kids that came out to party and make that the bigest CR so far! at one point we was told you were having to wait on the stairs for up to 30mins or more.

Back inside the club once again there was lots of Table dancing! Always nice to see :)

Just people dancing everywhere was a great sight to see.

There will soon be a link to photos from the night. To recount the action from the night

So lets do it all again next month 15th AprilUntil then keep rocking! And keep being a RASCAL

James (DJ Dash)
Rebecca (DJ Bx)

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Invader Stu said...

I wish I could have been there. It sounds like I missed a lot of fun. If only I had not made myself as sick as a dog from a night of drinking on the Friday.