Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new Rascal year!

Happy new year!

Hope you all had a good x-mas/new year and are ready to rock 2006!

A quick reminder for you about upcoming Rascal nights.

4th Jan @ The Winston -

Here is a full list of all 8 bands that will be playing at the Winston.

I will be playing tunes inbetween bands and once they have finsihed (23:20) untill 3am.

So come early and enjoy the wide range of music on offer here then dance into the small hours of the morning to all your favorite indie tunes.
19:30 STRYCHNINE Stonerrock ,
20:00 JIM OFFERMAN Pop, 20:30 KAKIHARA Metal Industrial, 21:00 OFF BALANCE Symphonic rock , 21:30 JUNKBEAT Cross-over, 22:00 DEFUSE Experimental Rock, 22:30 UMBILICAL Emo rock, 23:00 JÖR-QZ Metal

Here is also a link to the Emergenza music festival who are putting on all these bands.

21st Jan @ Club 8 - Rascal rocks the new year into shape 9:30 - 3am - Print out Flyer below to get in free before 10pm or for only 4euros any time after.

Hope to see you at either night, if not both ;)

Thanks James (DJ Dash)


Liz said...

Best wishes!

We need our own club, that wud be the coolest!

What's up with The Bravery's leadsinger's girlfriend? She's really from here or some new yorker who lives here? "The couple has been spotted round the city several times." -- QSON Has she been to one of the Rascal nights? Kinda confused. Everyone keeps talking...

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