Monday, October 17, 2005

I bet you look good on the Dance Floor!

And well you all did look damn good on the dance floor Saturday night (15th Oct)
A BIG thank you to everyone who came to Club Rascal and tore that dance floor to bits, making it our best CR so far!
It was great to see many returning for more Rascal action, and also so many new faces having a great time.

It was fun speaking to many of you, and taking and hopefully playing as many of your requests as we possibly had time for. I think my favorite was Le Tigre TKO, but i loved playing them all and you all went crazy to the lot of them. SO MUCH FUN!

Also DJ Bx, brand new to the Rascal Decks did a grand job mixing it up and bringing some new tunes to the rascal playlist :)

What more can i say, apart from i had a blast DJing till 3am, shame we had to stop then i'd just keep going and it looked like you all would of as well.

Also at the end of the night everyone was asking me when will the next one be?
That i'm working on right now and will post info as soon as details have been confirmed.
Also if your not on the Club Rascal mailing list to get that info straight to your inbox just send me a e-mail to

So untill next time, check out the photos below, if you have any coments or requests for the next CR drop me a line.

keep rocking.

James (DJ Dash)

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