Friday, October 28, 2005

Hot off the press 'CR' dates!!

Hey Rascals,

It's the moment you've all been waiting for :) Hot off the press i have some dates for upcoming Club Rascal Nights.

The 1st date is the 9th November at 'The Winston', They will be putting on two bands that night and then Club Rascal takes over and rocks the place into the early hours of next day :)

The 2nd date for you is the 17th December at 'Club 8'. This night will be the 'Club Rascal Christmas Indie Diso' No better way to end the year than dancing to all your favorite indie/Alternative tunes!

Flyers will soon be up here and more info and details about both nights and maybe others to follow.

By the way it was great seeing and chatting to a number of you who went to see The Rakes last night, and the Rakes put on such a great show! 22 Grand Job!! what a great night!

Hope to see you all at both nights.


James (DJ Dash) if you need any more info about anything CR or just want to chat :)

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