Monday, August 15, 2005

I Predict a Riot!

Hey Rascals

And so having finally recovered from Saturday night, i'd like to thank everyone for coming out and making the night great fun!
Hi to the Libs loving Guys from england who were over for the weekend and found our Rascal hide out. (see pics below)

Also good to see some regular Rascals coming back again for more action, glad i could fill some of your requests for tunes. I loved playing 'Ash- Girl from Mars' i'd not heard it in ages!

If there are any others tunes you'd love to hear at the next rascal, please leave coments, i've fixed it now so you don't have to have a blog to leave comments so please post away :)
Well we both had a great time and hope you all did too.

The next rascal will be on the 10th September, new flyer for that going up soon. And hopefully details of following CR nights to see us rocking to Christmas!
So check back soon,

untill then keep being a Rascal

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