Friday, July 29, 2005

hot hot HEAT!

Hey Rascals,

Many thanks to all those that turned up to CR last night, even though it was getting hot out side and even Hotter on the dance floor!
That was our last Thursday Rascal, we are now moving to Saturday nights and not looking back. This should make your favorite Alternitive music night get bigger and better.

We will still be rocking at Club8, and playing all the best indie tunes, old and new, from the Strokes to blondie and everything inbetween. And so Saturday 13th August will be our next Rascal night. Opening at 9:30pm and rocking all the way to 3AM! Get in free before 10Pm with a flyer.

Above is a Flyer for Saturday, print it out, print out loads give them to your friends, and if you don't have a printer draw your own (best one wins a prize!)

Well untill then, keep being a Rascal (You know you love it)

DJ's Dash and Dozy (James and Allie)


Anonymous said...

It was the first Club Rascal for me. Unfortunately we assumed this night would last till 3, so when we actually ventured onto the floor it was already after 12, I think.. Anyway, the next time I am there, I won't wait until some special song would come along. Liked the people who were there; dancing like they truly didn't care how it would like!
As it really should be. Ought to be more people in there next time around though. The more the merrier.
Also noticed that you guys played UK artists most of the night and then at the end American artists. Why not mix them? * By the way: those 4/5 people in the back on the 1st picture, that's us!
See ya. R.

James (DJ Dash) said...

Hi R,

Good to hear you enjoyied your 1st CR :) As for going on till 3 your wish has been granted and this coming saturday 13th we will be rocking till 3AM.
Hope to see you and your friends throwing shapes on the dancefloor this weekend.
Until then keep being a Rascal.

DJ Dash