Friday, July 01, 2005



1st up a BIG thank you to all you great guys and gals for turning up, throwing down some funky move's on the dance floor and making another Club Rascal a night to remember.

I must say i had a great time DJing my little socks off last night, it was hard work but well worth it after speaking to lots of you at the end and knowing i'd Pushed the right Buttons.

If any of you have any photos of the night, e-mail me them and i'll pop them up here for all to see. Also if you have any others things like tunes you want to hear or anything you feel is relevent to Rascal and feel others would dig it send it to me and i'll post it up here.

Once again thanks for coming last night,

See you Rascals on Saturday 9th July for more Rascal shaped action.

James (DJ Dash)

p.s. There are a few photos from last night below :)



cath said...

thanks, guys! i had a really fun time. see you soon.

James (DJ Dash) said...

cheers Cath, hope to see you there this coming saturday for much more rascal action :)

James (DJ Dash)