Monday, June 13, 2005

Club Rascal Blog up and running

Hey Rascals,
Welcome to the new 'CLUB RASCAL NEWS' blog, the place to vist for all the updates and antics of the club rascal comunity.We will be posting info about coming Rascal events, and photos other tip bits from the actual club nights.Also we will no doubt be posting radom other stuff about music and such like for hopefully your reading enjoyment.
Plus if you have any photos from a Rascal night or any anything else you wish to share i.e. Music you want to hear, top Ten music lists etc please send them to us at and we will post it up on the blog.We want Club Rascal to be about everyone who is part of the night.
James & Allie (DJ's Dash & Dozy)

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